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The Little Black Book of Online Business

As a full-time online marketer, my time is precious. I can't afford to waste hours trying to find the best tools and services to do a particular job.


The Little Black Book Of Online Business is exactly what I've been waiting for. A comprehensive list of resources covering every facet of online marketing, written by someone who's not only an expert of the technical stuff like me, but has also run an online business for years, like me.


If you're someone who uses the Internet to generate an income, The Little Black Book Of Online Business should be on your desk. Period. You're losing money without it.


I'd give it four thumbs up if I could and I'll be recommending it all my customers and subscribers. Fantastic work, Paul.


Nick "The Geek" Smith

Web Design and SEO Expert




"The Little Black Book of Online Business" is not only a very delightful read (I've never enjoyed a book on online businesses this much - and I do go through a ton of them every month!), it's ESSENTIAL for any business owner who wants to have answers at his fingertips to his most pressing questions on e-commerce.


This is a MUST-HAVE book in any business person's library. I'm truly fortunate to have gone through the pages of this little gem.


- Sen Ze
Author of Sen Ze's Mini-Encyclopedia Of Low-Cost,
High-Profit Internet Business Models



"Priceless! This book gives every business instant access to the web's most trusted resources -- it's a decade's worth of research squeezed into one little black book."


- Jim Daniels... bizweb2000.com's Internet Marketing News

Wearing a lot of 'hats' in our online business, it's awesome to have a resource like this at my fingertips. The conversational tone and organization of the book helps to make it a must-have for anyone working in an online business.


Melissa Feiveson

What Paul has created here will save you years of research and a bucket full of trial and error - I know because I've been marketing successfully online for over 8 years and still didn't have a clue about more than half of these valuable resources... 'The Little Black Book of Online Business' has secured itself a permanent place on my desk and it's now the first place I look when I need to find something fast.


If you own or run (or if you're planning on starting) an Internet business grab a copy now, you'll discover a world of possibilities inside this gem of a book!


Simon Hodgkinson


The Little Black Book of Online Business is a "MUST HAVE" resource for any businesses or entrepreneurs that plan to take their business online. Period.


Well done!


Adrian Ling


Whoa. That is a freaking cool book! :-)


Neil Shearing


This "Little Black Book" is a must-have reference for everyone already doing business online or anyone who wants to.


Instead of haphazardly bookmarking a few pages here and there, Paul has given you 1001 (actually more) critical resources for all aspects of success in your online businesses.


I definitely suggest you keep it close to your computer at all times!"


Yanik Silver


Many authors stop short of telling people what tools they can use to implement their prescribed strategies for online business building -- your "Little Black Book" is the remedy for all of those.


I know what it's like to search for a solution for an online challenge, not quite knowing what I'm looking for -- it's a frustrating, time-consuming process. Your book will cut the time by 90%.


Whether someone wants to know where to advertise, how to add video to their website, how to Podcast, or even where to get custom cartoons for their web site, all they have to do is consult this handy little reference -- it's all in there.


On top of that, your book is a fascinating education in what's available. Just going through the table of contents one can learn a lot.


Kudos, my friend, and thank you!


Mike Mograbi

Internet Marketing News Watch



As the world of online marketing expands with more and more new tools, services, strategies it's impossible for an individual to keep up with these developments in any detail.

What is important is that you are aware these resources exist, you have a good understanding of what they can do and therefore have the knowledge to decide if you need to use them.


So what is needed is a 'super' resource that lists all of these resources, provides a clear explanation of each, with links to pursue them further if needed.


That super resource is right here - in Paul's book


If you feel overwhelmed by the latest buzzwords and acronyms start reading now.


I even found myself checking up on complex sounding topics - which I had previously avoided - because I knew that Paul was going to convey them in simple terms.


The only criticism I have is the use of the word 'Little' in the book title.


Harvey Segal


Saves you hours of boring research... and the painful costs of trial-and-error... the singular guide to finding anything you need to grow your online business. This is a must-have resource for anyone who does business on the Internet!


-Ray Edwards, Internationally-Known Copywriter and Marketing Strategist



Wow--what a terrific, must-have resource your book is. From now on, it's one of the first places I'll turn when I need to get something done for my business.


David Deutsch, renowned direct response copywriter,



"One of the fastest ways to boost your profits is to find better vendors who'll do a better job at a lower price than the ones you're using now, while saving you time and aggravation. This book is full of such companies and my guess is it'll pay for itself 1,000 times over when you find just one good resource. "Highly recommended"


Bill Harrison, Partner


This book is a must have for any business owner who wants to have a powerful presence online. There are so many resources and great ideas in this book, and I highly recommend this for any aspiring entrepreneur.


Whether you're just getting started or you're already making a mint online, "The Little Black Book of Online Business" will quickly become your best friend as you take your business to the next level.


Michael Rasmussen


Paul's Little Black Book hasn't budged from my side from the day he sent me an advanced copy.  This could become the Internet Marketer's Bible.  And could possibly become one of the most thumbed through books I own.


Harlan Kilstein

"Paul Galloway is one of the few business people I know who puts the interests of his clients and customers ahead of his own. This selfless collection of resources is no exception, and should help anyone get more done online faster and easier."


- Tim Gross, Educated Media LLC


"Paul - excellent job on compiling this powerful resource! I love it for two reasons: 1) You've created a great tool for everyone in online business...especially those just starting out. It's easy in the beginning to not realize all the different pieces to this puzzle...and with a quick glance at your TOC, a newbie can easily grasp the full scope of a working online business. On the other hand, for people like me who have been in business for many years, it's critical to have backup vendors and options for everything in case a primary vendor or resource fails (and that DOES happen). That's the second reason I love your black book -- you saved my team and me literally hundreds of hours of research keeping all of our other options in place! Thank you!"


-- Chris Zavadowski,

"Paul has saved my online business a least a dozen times in the past by having all the answers when I needed them the most. And now he's done it again by putting together this very readable and absolutely indispensable guide to the greatest tools and services the web has to offer.


If you don't know where to go for help running your business online, do yourself a huge favor and turn to Paul's Little Black Book... it'll save you hundreds of hours of frustration."


-- Jeff Johnson, Online Business Expert,