About the Author

Paul Galloway started his professional career as an electrical engineer at Motorola in 1994. A co-worker there introduced him to the "World Wide Web" and he soon had his own direct-sales site up to earn some extra money.


Out of necessity for his own site, Paul learned Perl, a popular programming language for web applications at that time, and soon he was selling programs for others to use on their own web sites.


Paul left his job at Motorola in 1999 to work for one of his software clients, AdNet International. While there, he developed and maintained affiliate tracking and lead generation systems, traffic profiling and performance tools, and other related software.


Paul left AdNet several years ago and has been providing technical consulting and development services to several clients since that time. His main focus is on affiliate propagation and tracking systems for new product launches.


Paul has collected information about online marketing tools since he started doing online work, and has published 3 prior books about doing business online.


Paul has been married for 19 years and has 4 energetic children. (And a dog -- lest we forget!) He lives in the same small Kansas town he grew up in.