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No matter what you do online -- whether you're an eBay seller, eCommerce merchant, information marketer, affiliate marketer, or even the operator of a brick-and-mortar business -- The Little Black Book of Online Business is the ultimate resource for growing your business online.


This practical, resource-packed guide covers everything from blogs to e-mail to keywords to search engine optimization and everything in between. It features more than 1,000 of the best and most effective resources for helping online marketers put the book's smart recommendations into successful practice. In addition, it links to a wealth of downloadable utilities like redirect generators, Web form processors, and sales letter personalization tools.


This book reveals the tools and resources you need to implement an online marketing program for any business idea you can come up with. I've spent ten years on the technical side of online marketing, implementing successful lead generation, affiliate tracking, and online advertising systems for some of the Internet's biggest online merchants. Now I'm putting those years of experience to work for you, with tools and strategies for maximizing online exposure and driving business growth.


The Little Black Book of Online Business gives you the best, proven resources to help you supercharge your online business. A required reference for anyone doing business online, it's packed with endless resources no online marketer should be without. If you want to succeed online, these are the tools that will get you there.

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